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Being a hot tub owner, you must know that it isn’t all about reading, drinking and relaxing in your hot tub. You should take care of it as well! That means, cleaning it, testing it, adding chemicals, and making certain it is safe for the users.

Listed here in this post are 7 awesome outdoor hot tub maintenance tips that you may want to execute to make sure your hot tub performs in its full potency for several years.

outdoor hot tub

Use pantyhose on the refills of your hot tub:

When it’s much needed to drain & fill again a hot tub, cover up the lower return inlets with nylons to seize the re-circulating trash and stop it from coming back into the filtration system.

Use bleach & water to clean the cover of your outdoor hot tub:

Covers of outdoor hot tubs are infamous for producing a mildew or musty stink after some time. That is why it is essential to keep them clean & free from these stinking odors.

Prepare a combination of bleach (10 percent) and water (90 percent) to wipe out the base of the hot tub cover

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Do you like to have a deep soak with a heavenly feel in a tub filled with warm, comforting water, but don’t have enough space in your bathroom for a large American or European style bathtub? Despite your small size bathroom, you can still have a balanced spiritual bath experience just like the Japanese do with Ofuro Tubs. 

Japanese traditional bath includes Ofuro tubs that are perfect for installing in your small bathroom. These bathtubs are no doubt a space-saving option for getting a purely relaxing soak away from daily stress without using a large space of your bathroom. The Ofuro tubs are small yet deep barrel-shaped bathtubs that can sit in little available space of your bathroom while allowing your body to merge completely up to the neck for a highly relaxing, refreshing experience.

Ofuro Tubs

Unlike general tubs, Ofuro tubs assure a daily treat of intense soaking for your body coupled with steam/ humidity, air, water, and earth. Your bath will be invigorated by four natural elements; the

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Seeking a relaxing spa experience? Why don’t you buy hot tubs? But when it comes to choosing a hot tub, a common question arises in your mind is whether to place it on outdoors or indoors.

A lot of people think it’s an easy decision and is completely one of the personal preferences. But, it’s easy to overlook certain considerations that impact more on your selection of where to place the new hot tub.

The Frequency of Use –

When buying a hot tub, you should consider how often you plan to use your hot tub. If you want to use daily or every other day, keeping the hot tub at the door can be ideal for you.

But outdoor hot tubs can keep you out of the weather. So, it will be problematic, if you want to stick to a certain schedule. Please remember Mother Nature keeps her own counsel! But an indoor hot tub can get rid of these problems completely.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

The Structural Variations –

As the name suggests, an outdoor tub remains open to the air. The only thing you need to do is to dig a hole in your existing

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If you are planning to bring a hot tub in your family world for the first time, then we wish you must know in and out of it! It is a valuable investment for many years of soaking experience and enjoyment but it requires some preparation as well. One of the most confusing points you’ll feel stuck with is which kind of hot tub to purchase for. There are a great number of hot tubs and all of them are available in different shapes, sizes, and configurations. However, a portable round hot tub will more often be a good choice if you are a first-timer. It is among the least costly varieties and the simplest one to install and use. The portable round hot tubs have a few more advantageous features that you will get to experience as you bring them to your home and start to use them in your leisure time.


The round portable hot tubs are round in shape and designed to look aesthetic in different settings, from your yard or patio to an indoor area. They can be fitted into the ground or

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Apart from allowing your family and friends to soak, relax, unwind and have fun together, hot tubs bring a lot of other advantages. Whether you want to spend time soaking together with your family or hosting a meeting with some of your special friends under warm water, indoor or outdoor hot tubs serve as the perfect place to come together.

To take maximum advantage of all the features that hot tubs have, right placing or positioning is vital. The hot tubs may not be as enjoyable as they should especially if you are unable to use it round the year or your plan to enjoy the hot nights outside fails, if it is one of your favorites. Many of you feel confused with what hot tub you should choose and where you should place it in the home for experiencing the best results. Affordability has little value if the hot tub can’t be used literally in any season. Take a look at the following things that would not just help you to differentiate between an indoor or outdoor hot tub but also to pick up

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There’s perhaps nothing more rejuvenating and relaxing like relishing a bath in an outdoor hot tub following a tiresome day at work. When you wish to experience some peace and tranquillity in your home, you can consider installing them. As the jets massage your fatigued muscles, you can unwind in hot tubs & feel absolutely re-energized and rejuvenated. However, with so many options out there finding a trustworthy supplier of the outdoor hot tub can be a challenge. 

Here is a list of top 5 outdoor hot tub supplier in Canada

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Softub Canada:

The company has been manufacturing and distributing outdoor hot tubs in Canada since 1990. Weighing as little as 50lbs, their hot tubs are the most portable you can find in Canada. Furthermore, they make some of the most environment-friendly hot tubs on the market at present. Most of their hot tubs available in 3 sizes and feature a patented heat recovery system which keeps energy bill as little as  $5/month.


ROTOSPA offer portable outdoor hot

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What are Ofuro Tubs? 

Ofuro are “Zen” like bathtubs used for a feel of harmony and well-being with the natural surrounds, probably a sacred landscape or relaxing garden.  They are part of Japanese bath ritual since time immemorial. The Ofuro tubs are deep warm soaking bathtubs originated in Japan to maintain spiritual and mental well-being in private places and promote perfect health with efficient circulation. Most of the hot tub users prefer these beautiful and deeper bathtubs as they differ from European and North American style hot tubs. The simple exquisiteness and conventional design paired with extraordinary depth allow the bather unequaled luxury in Ofuro tubs. Made in a wide variety of wood these bathtubs offer warm soaking experience at its best. Traditional, red cedar wood ofuros provide a quiet steaming sanctuary from the mock pressures of life.

How Special Are They? 

The structure of Ofuro tubs give bathers a deep chin down soaking experience. It’s because they are made

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Installing a hot tub in your home or outdoor is a perfect way to refresh your senses, relax your mind and rejuvenate your skin. Though outdoor hot tubs can be the big investment, but they are well worth the cost, especially if you’ve idea what to look for. Here are a few reasons you should consider installation of hot tubs at outdoor space:

The Best Reasons to Buy Hot Tubs for Outdoor Space –

1. Quality –

When you buy a hot tub, keep in mind that you are investing in something that will provide you with years of relaxation and comfort. So, it’s highly suggested to look carefully at the materials when buying outdoor hot tubs and make sure they are of great quality. Besides, these hot tubs can stand up to the elements – from the harshest sun glare to the coldest ice.


2. Surface of Installation –

When it comes to installing a new outdoor hot tub, you will need a firm surface. This means you will require a surface that is installed to avoid shifting when the hot tub is installed. Even you can

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Hot tubs are considered to be a great addition to any home that offer a variety of benefits for the entire family. After a stressful and tiring day, everyone will simply love to enjoy a rejuvenating and optimal soaking experience in a hot tub. Enjoying a hot tub bath will naturally relieve the stress and offer significant health benefits.

It is found that regular use of your hot tub will offer an array of added health benefits that will enhance an overall physical and mental well-being. By installing a hot tub in your backyard, you will get an opportunity to have the utmost fun and enjoyment.

Here are the great reasons for investing on a durable hot tub installed outdoors in your backyard, please have a look!

Outdoor Hot Tubs

1.Spend Quality Time:

You will simply love to spend a quality time with your family or friends on a weekend while enjoying a hot tub bath. Having a hot tub in your backyard, will make it convenient for you and your family to enjoy an optimal soaking experience that will offer the

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