Published on 04/10/2017 8:17 am
Ofuro Tubs for Warm Soaking

What are Ofuro Tubs? 

Ofuro are “Zen” like bathtubs used for a feel of harmony and well-being with the natural surrounds, probably a sacred landscape or relaxing garden.  They are part of Japanese bath ritual since time immemorial. The Ofuro tubs are deep warm soaking bathtubs originated in Japan to maintain spiritual and mental well-being in private places and promote perfect health with efficient circulation. Most of the hot tub users prefer these beautiful and deeper bathtubs as they differ from European and North American style hot tubs. The simple exquisiteness and conventional design paired with extraordinary depth allow the bather unequaled luxury in Ofuro tubs. Made in a wide variety of wood these bathtubs offer warm soaking experience at its best. Traditional, red cedar wood ofuros provide a quiet steaming sanctuary from the mock pressures of life.

How Special Are They? 

The structure of Ofuro tubs give bathers a deep chin down soaking experience. It’s because they are made deeper than general bathtubs. They always create the feel of traditional Japanese soaking experience in wooden tub whose water gets heated with a soundless and nonelectrical Wood Fired Hot Tub Heater. The perfectly sealed cedar wood construction of modern day Ofuro bathtubs indicates their capacity to preserve heat for longer time than normal tubs. The Ofuoro Tubs made of clear Red Cedar resemble and perform a lot like their cousin i.e. the Japanese cypress wood. Red Cedar Ofuro bathtubs have the perfect advantage of being resistant to bacteria and decay. They are also known for high heating value. The pleasing aroma of cedar adds to the soaking experience! The inclusion of advanced stainless steel strap system in Ofuro tubs make them expandable and contractible without any tension of the wood split.

What are Specifications of Ofuro Tubs?

Irrespective of the shape all Ofuro tubs have an increased depth both inside and outside to allow full body soaking along with the view of natural surroundings. These bathtubs can be installed outdoor and indoor. Since they don’t have inner liner, users should think of installing shower basin or perfectly tiled floor drains. For soaking like Japanese in very hot water, they need to focus on thorough ventilation for vapor or steam. In deck or garden hot tub set up process, users won’t have to consider much than the heating process.

The Japan originated Ofuro Tubs are perfect answer if someone is interested in a sensual and hot bath. For keeping away from daily tension and relaxation of body as well as mind, people can enter into these tubs anytime. Once they step into them, they will feel the pleasure of sinking gradually into the pure, deep and warm tub water. Taking a bath while immersed in the tub water to the chin will allow them maximum relaxation and comfort.

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