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Cedar hot tub is a must for families and friends all over the world. There’s nothing more enjoyable than soaking and relaxing in the warmth of a hot tub, especially after a long day at work. When you want to get rid of sore muscles, take advantage of warm massaging jets. The warm water is ideal for relaxation of your whole body. When it comes to buying a wooden hot tub, cedar hot tub is a right alternative that offers so many benefits as they are made out of superb standard material.

Cedar is known for its strength, durability and decay resistance. When exposed to water, most woods start molding and warping. But cedar wood stands strong even when it’s damp. Cedar is the ideal alternative to hot tub that will stay strong against harsh weather conditions. Even, it can last the tough conditions and remain in perfect condition.

These hot tubs are built with industry-grade cedar that can last for more years to come, making it possible to have enjoyable hot tub experience without requiring

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When it comes to choosing a hot tub, it’s obvious that you have to choose between indoor and outdoor hot tubs. Most would-be hot tub owners have a misconception that it’s a pretty easy decision and completely one of their personal preferences.

Therefore, it will more than easy to overlook main factors that will affect your decision significantly on your choice of where to install a new spa at home. Here are some of the considerations that are discussed below:

Using frequency 

It’s one of the main factors that you need to consider for your hot tub purchase. If you are thinking to use it daily or every other day, an indoor hot tub may be the right choice. However, an outdoor hot tub keeps you outside in the weather.

So, it will be problematic if you are the type of person who wants to follow a daily schedule. After all, Mother Nature keeps her own counsel. This is where an indoor can be the right option as it will eliminate this problem effortlessly.

Structural alterations

An outdoor hot tub

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Owning a hot tub in California – other than any US states is a way of life. While thinking about hot tubs, it’s really easy to envision a group of friends or family enjoying the experience on a hot tub. Just imagine the experience of a beautiful California hot tub in the evening around the hills overlooking Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Originally, redwood hot tubs were a buzz in California. But as the supply of redwood minimized, they changed to Cedar that provided better insulation. The main reason behind California hot tub seems to go together is that many Californians own them. Apart from this, it has to do with attitude.

Of course, California is a big state that extends from north to south. This means the inhabitants of the state go from heavy snow and frigid temperature at one end to 100 degrees and dessert on other ends; all in the same day.

The unique climatic condition makes cedar an ideal choice for any wooden hot tub type. Cedar is a perfect wood for both hot dry climates and

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Published on 12/18/2018 5:56 am

Do you really need the whole spa experience with your family and friends or someone special? Do you really want to experience the hot tub without the additional cost of electricity to utility bills? Love the heat penetration of soothing warm water right out of your tap? How about considering wood burning hot tubs? But how do you choose the right one?

Cost Savings 

The best wood fired hot tubs use wood as their main and only heat source. Wood is a sustainable fuel resource and you can get a chance to save on your electricity costs in the long run.

In fact, you don’t need outdoor electrical supply for heating purposes. This makes the placement of your hot tub much easier as you can. Generally, you can keep it anywhere you want outside, even in that small out of the way area in the one corner of your garden.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Natural Insulation 

Unlike fiberglass and other artificial materials available, wood is considered as a natural insulator. This means, it takes a long while before the water in your wood

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Wood fired hot tubs are popular amongst purists that claim the combination of a wood hot tub and a wood stove ensures a relaxing hot tub soaking experience. Most wood burning hot tubs that are used in rural places have access to enough amount of wood. Certainly, it minimizes the operational costs of using a hot tub.

The wood burning hot tubs utilizes no electricity and there is no forced circulation system present on other jetted hot tubs. Instead, the natural principle of Thermosiphon is used in Northern Lights wood fired hot tubs.

Thermosiphoning is utilized for the circulation of volatile gases and liquids in both heating and cooling applications like water heaters, heat pumps, furnaces and boilers. By using Timberline wood hot tubs, the fire heats the water that rises slowly to the top part of the hot tub. The cold water is drawn into the heater to be heated simultaneously. This system offers a natural convection that requires no pump.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs

The Benefits of Wood Burning Hot Tubs

1. The

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Most of you would like to relax with warm and swirling tub water and enjoy outdoor life in winter as well as summer! If you are looking to purchase the most functional outdoor hot tubs for installing on your patio or deck, you will have to consider a few important points before you make a choice.

What Points to Consider Before Purchasing Outdoor Hot Tubs?

Plus Points

Outdoor hot tubs give luxury of soaking with convenience of outdoor living and comfort of privacy. Unlike swimming pools, you can use them throughout the year, thus giving you great return on your investment for relaxation and recreation. Moreover, the outdoor hot tubs don’t have to get closed for the winter season, saving you on pool starting and closing kits. There are myriads of other advantages that make outdoor hot tubs worth purchased. It occupies less space and demands negligible maintenance when compared to a swimming pool, and you can easily shift it to any location. Neither a state permit is required for

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A few of hot tub owners often deny the pleasure of relaxing in a hot tub, but for many hot tub owners, their hot tub offers relief from joint and muscle pain as well as ensures potentially better health.

Throughout the history, people from every walk of life have enjoyed the curative delights of hydrotherapy. From the ancient Roman bathhouses to modern day spas, the enjoyment of bathing have withstood over the time.

With mental and physical benefits like increased relaxation, improved skin clarity and detoxification, an aqua therapy hot tub offers many positive benefits on the body. Modern technology includes significant enhancements to the way we bathe, which allows you to enjoy therapeutic benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Therefore, making a purchase of an aqua therapy hot tub makes sense. This type of hot tub is designed for customers who want to make the most out of a hot tub. Until now, the hot tubs were limited in their ability to move freely. However, the aqua therapy hot

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Redwood hot tubs were initially the most favored choice for hot tub users especially in the California.  However the 2000 year old redwood plants have started to disappear due to growing demand. Efforts are now made to harvest and protect the large & magnificent redwood trees which were once seen in the west coast rain forests of the nation.  Redwood Hot Tubs are still available, but in limited numbers that are normally made from small sized farmed varieties.

The artificially grown or cultured Red Woods are not as efficient as their giant parental species.  The magnificent and giant redwood trees were once perfect for construction of hot tubs.  They can resist decay and rot due to a very small and firm ring pattern.   However, the smaller harvested redwood trees lack these properties and are proven to be less efficient in the long run. With large ring structure, they are more likely to decay fast. The hot tub industry has therefore switched to other alternative material for giving

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Do you want more out of a hot tub? If yes, you should invest in aqua therapy hot tub. Until now hot tubs were limited in their capability to allow movement. In fact, the aqua therapy hot tub has additional dept that makes it ideal for aqua therapy.

Obviously, you can enjoy exercise in a hot tub and take advantage of its benefits. Their specially designed aqua seat arrangement opens up the remaining of the hot tub that allows you to enjoy a comprehensive range of aqua aerobics. Your entire body can float in the hot tub effortlessly. You can do simple swimming exercises like treading water.

However, the advantage of the aqua therapy hot tub is that it can be installed in different locations than no other plastic tub or spa. Just imagine trying to fit a 5 foot tall plastic spa into a fitness room in your room. Literally, you’d have to tear open the house to get the tub in.

However, Northern Lights aqua therapy tub is manufactured from western red cedar using their exceptional cooperage

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After a long hectic day at work, what could be better than sinking in your own outdoor hot tub? Outdoor hot tubs not only help you in avoiding a costly spa but also help you in having an improved sleep and fewer muscle aches! Isn’t that a great way to have a relaxed life! So are you also thinking of adding a hot tub at your backyard or garden? Then you need to take few things in consideration for buying the right kind of hot tubs!

First of all, before buying a hot tub you need to decide the location where you want to install it at your home. Factors such as electrical hookup, and close access to showers must be kept in mind as there is a great influence of these factors on the location.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Second consideration is the general electrical requirements. Smaller hot tub heaters use 120 volt outlets but the hot tub with larger autonomous unit requires a 240 volt power source along with a hard wire breaker in the electrical panel.

Thirdly, the size of the hot tub! Variety of hot tubs can be found

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