Published on12/18/2018 5:56 am

Do you really need the whole spa experience with your family and friends or someone special? Do you really want to experience the hot tub without the additional cost of electricity to utility bills? Love the heat penetration of soothing warm water right out of your tap? How about considering wood burning hot tubs? But how do you choose the right one?

Cost Savings 

The best wood fired hot tubs use wood as their main and only heat source. Wood is a sustainable fuel resource and you can get a chance to save on your electricity costs in the long run.

In fact, you don’t need outdoor electrical supply for heating purposes. This makes the placement of your hot tub much easier as you can. Generally, you can keep it anywhere you want outside, even in that small out of the way area in the one corner of your garden.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Natural Insulation 

Unlike fiberglass and other artificial materials available, wood is considered as a natural insulator. This means, it takes a long while before the water in your wood

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Published on11/06/2018 5:55 am

Wood fired hot tubs are popular amongst purists that claim the combination of a wood hot tub and a wood stove ensures a relaxing hot tub soaking experience. Most wood burning hot tubs that are used in rural places have access to enough amount of wood. Certainly, it minimizes the operational costs of using a hot tub.

The wood burning hot tubs utilizes no electricity and there is no forced circulation system present on other jetted hot tubs. Instead, the natural principle of Thermosiphon is used in Northern Lights wood fired hot tubs.

Thermosiphoning is utilized for the circulation of volatile gases and liquids in both heating and cooling applications like water heaters, heat pumps, furnaces and boilers. By using Timberline wood hot tubs, the fire heats the water that rises slowly to the top part of the hot tub. The cold water is drawn into the heater to be heated simultaneously. This system offers a natural convection that requires no pump.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs

The Benefits of Wood Burning Hot Tubs

1. The

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