Published on 05/29/2017 8:05 am
Canada’s Top 4 Outdoor Hot Tub Suppliers

There’s perhaps nothing more rejuvenating and relaxing like relishing a bath in an outdoor hot tub following a tiresome day at work. When you wish to experience some peace and tranquillity in your home, you can consider installing them. As the jets massage your fatigued muscles, you can unwind in hot tubs & feel absolutely re-energized and rejuvenated. However, with so many options out there finding a trustworthy supplier of the outdoor hot tub can be a challenge. 

Here is a list of top 5 outdoor hot tub supplier in Canada

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Softub Canada:

The company has been manufacturing and distributing outdoor hot tubs in Canada since 1990. Weighing as little as 50lbs, their hot tubs are the most portable you can find in Canada. Furthermore, they make some of the most environment-friendly hot tubs on the market at present. Most of their hot tubs available in 3 sizes and feature a patented heat recovery system which keeps energy bill as little as  $5/month.


ROTOSPA offer portable outdoor hot tubs for about $4500 relying on shipping expenses and your selection of accessories, making them the leader in the Canadian hot tub market. Weighing just 250 pounds, you can carry their portable hot tubs wherever you go. Simply fill your hot tub, plug it to an 110 outlet & relax. NO special plumbing or wiring is needed.

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs:

Northern Lights Cedar Tubs is yet another leading supplier of Cedar hot tubs in Canada. By infusing the old world of barrel making with modern improvements in manufacturing technologies combined with the finest hot tub appliance, they currently offer the best Cedar hot tubs in the Canadian market. They have the repute of offering high-quality outdoor hot tubs made of top-grade Clear Western Red Cedar which is known as the natural option for all wood-fired hot tubs.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Canadian Hot Tubs Inc:

Canadian Hot Tubs is a manufacturers & retailer of cedar hot tubs that are accessible in different dimensions to accommodate from 2-10 people. Built of western red cedar, the natural elegance of their hot tubs blends flawlessly into any backyard landscape. Their 4ft deep hot tubs are perfect for relaxing & soaking away your aches & pain. For people who requires additional depth for exercise and hydrotherapy, they provide hot tubs up to 5ft depth. Their cedar hot tub kits can be assembled on site, allowing them to be installed on rooftops, basements, cottages, condo terraces and small urban backyards. 

To sum it up, I can say all hot tubs have their pros and cons. It all depends on what you are exactly expecting from your hot tub.

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