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Wood fired hot tubs are popular amongst purists that claim the combination of a wood hot tub and a wood stove ensures a relaxing hot tub soaking experience. Most wood burning hot tubs that are used in rural places have access to enough amount of wood. Certainly, it minimizes the operational costs of using a hot tub.

The wood burning hot tubs utilizes no electricity and there is no forced circulation system present on other jetted hot tubs. Instead, the natural principle of Thermosiphon is used in Northern Lights wood fired hot tubs.

Thermosiphoning is utilized for the circulation of volatile gases and liquids in both heating and cooling applications like water heaters, heat pumps, furnaces and boilers. By using Timberline wood hot tubs, the fire heats the water that rises slowly to the top part of the hot tub. The cold water is drawn into the heater to be heated simultaneously. This system offers a natural convection that requires no pump.

Wood Burning Hot Tubs

The Benefits of Wood Burning Hot Tubs

1. The

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After a long hectic day at work, what could be better than sinking in your own outdoor hot tub? Outdoor hot tubs not only help you in avoiding a costly spa but also help you in having an improved sleep and fewer muscle aches! Isn’t that a great way to have a relaxed life! So are you also thinking of adding a hot tub at your backyard or garden? Then you need to take few things in consideration for buying the right kind of hot tubs!

First of all, before buying a hot tub you need to decide the location where you want to install it at your home. Factors such as electrical hookup, and close access to showers must be kept in mind as there is a great influence of these factors on the location.

Outdoor Hot Tubs

Second consideration is the general electrical requirements. Smaller hot tub heaters use 120 volt outlets but the hot tub with larger autonomous unit requires a 240 volt power source along with a hard wire breaker in the electrical panel.

Thirdly, the size of the hot tub! Variety of hot tubs can be found

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You can have hundreds of ways to get relax after hectic working day. If it is not possible for outing in everyday, weekend is must to wipe out all the tiredness and anxiety. If you are experiencing summer, some of the people flock to beach and sea in order to beat the heat of harassing summer. Few people also, prefer to enjoy a camp outside from their city. During this time, they engage themselves in their favorite activities. If you love to stay at your home at the weekend, here is a sweet and perfect idea to spend your day with a great relaxation.

Outdoor hot tub

From thousands of options, select a warm bath in a hot tub! This is not only relaxing but also it will refresh you completely. Few people those love hot tub, they prefer to stay indoor. It is quite true for extend that, indoor hit bath tubs are compliment to the indoor décor. If your home is compact, such type of indoor hot tubs is not certainly a good idea. You shouldn’t add another bathtub as furniture is already there and you are

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Being a hot tub owner, you must know that it isn’t all about reading, drinking and relaxing in your hot tub. You should take care of it as well! That means, cleaning it, testing it, adding chemicals, and making certain it is safe for the users.

Listed here in this post are 7 awesome outdoor hot tub maintenance tips that you may want to execute to make sure your hot tub performs in its full potency for several years.

outdoor hot tub

Use pantyhose on the refills of your hot tub:

When it’s much needed to drain & fill again a hot tub, cover up the lower return inlets with nylons to seize the re-circulating trash and stop it from coming back into the filtration system.

Use bleach & water to clean the cover of your outdoor hot tub:

Covers of outdoor hot tubs are infamous for producing a mildew or musty stink after some time. That is why it is essential to keep them clean & free from these stinking odors.

Prepare a combination of bleach (10 percent) and water (90 percent) to wipe out the base of the hot tub cover

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Installing a hot tub in your home or outdoor is a perfect way to refresh your senses, relax your mind and rejuvenate your skin. Though outdoor hot tubs can be the big investment, but they are well worth the cost, especially if you’ve idea what to look for. Here are a few reasons you should consider installation of hot tubs at outdoor space:

The Best Reasons to Buy Hot Tubs for Outdoor Space –

1. Quality –

When you buy a hot tub, keep in mind that you are investing in something that will provide you with years of relaxation and comfort. So, it’s highly suggested to look carefully at the materials when buying outdoor hot tubs and make sure they are of great quality. Besides, these hot tubs can stand up to the elements – from the harshest sun glare to the coldest ice.


2. Surface of Installation –

When it comes to installing a new outdoor hot tub, you will need a firm surface. This means you will require a surface that is installed to avoid shifting when the hot tub is installed. Even you can

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