Published on01/16/2019 9:22 am

Owning a hot tub in California – other than any US states is a way of life. While thinking about hot tubs, it’s really easy to envision a group of friends or family enjoying the experience on a hot tub. Just imagine the experience of a beautiful California hot tub in the evening around the hills overlooking Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Originally, redwood hot tubs were a buzz in California. But as the supply of redwood minimized, they changed to Cedar that provided better insulation. The main reason behind California hot tub seems to go together is that many Californians own them. Apart from this, it has to do with attitude.

Of course, California is a big state that extends from north to south. This means the inhabitants of the state go from heavy snow and frigid temperature at one end to 100 degrees and dessert on other ends; all in the same day.

The unique climatic condition makes cedar an ideal choice for any wooden hot tub type. Cedar is a perfect wood for both hot dry climates and

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