Published on 03/28/2018 7:32 am
Ofuro Tubs:Make a Perfect Choice for Your Bathroom Remodeling?

Do you like to have a deep soak with a heavenly feel in a tub filled with warm, comforting water, but don’t have enough space in your bathroom for a large American or European style bathtub? Despite your small size bathroom, you can still have a balanced spiritual bath experience just like the Japanese do with Ofuro Tubs. 

Japanese traditional bath includes Ofuro tubs that are perfect for installing in your small bathroom. These bathtubs are no doubt a space-saving option for getting a purely relaxing soak away from daily stress without using a large space of your bathroom. The Ofuro tubs are small yet deep barrel-shaped bathtubs that can sit in little available space of your bathroom while allowing your body to merge completely up to the neck for a highly relaxing, refreshing experience.

Ofuro Tubs

Unlike general tubs, Ofuro tubs assure a daily treat of intense soaking for your body coupled with steam/ humidity, air, water, and earth. Your bath will be invigorated by four natural elements; the flame of wood-fired heaters, water in the barrel tub, hot steam and the wood to help keep you healthy in body and mind. Another special feature of the Ofuro tubs is they are intended to be used after proper clean up of your body, saving you from changing the water more often.

Want to know why Ofuro tubs are right for your bathroom remodeling? These elegantly crafted deep bathtubs provide a bath experience different from that of Muslims and Europeans. Their simple elegance, traditional design, and high depth come together for an ultra-modern luxury. Ofuro tubs are available in Canada red cedar, cypress wood and many other varieties for a pleasant soaking experience in the life. You need to know what features the Ofuro tub should have for a satisfactory soaking experience, and what should be its exact model to fit into your existing bathroom design which has little space or still in the process of construction.

Ofuro Tubs

Ofuro tubs will suit your bathroom even if it is inspired by“Zen” bathroom designs and can be considered for a perfect synchronization of body and mind in your private space which is too congested. With a Japanese root, these exclusive bathtubs ensure perfect purification of the body with effective blood circulation.

Though Ofuro tubs are relatively shorter in length than traditional Western varieties, you can have them in different shapes, styles, and products. Imagine a red cedar wood Ofuro tub with its aromatic smell and unique appeal, adding to your bathroom’s layout. They are made upright so that you can sit comfortably in very deep water for a perfectly pleasurable bath.

Ofuro Tubs

While available in 1-2 seat versions, the Ofuro tubs can take less space in your bathroom, normally using half of the space of what a traditional rectangular tub requires. These tubs are not just space saving, but also cost savings solutions for a warm soak, as they don’t require as much water as a regular Western bathtub.

If you want to pamper yourself with an intense warm soak, Ofuro tubs of Northern Lights Cedar Tubs can be a great choice. They are available in 3 different designs and with 3 heating options to fit into your home or business. For a pure cleansing experience with deep insertion of the body in a tub, consider booking Ofuro tubs with Northern Lights Cedar Tubs at 1-800-759-8990 today!

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