Published on 05/11/2018 10:37 am
How To Give The Best Treatment To Your Outdoor Hot Tub? 7 Awesome Tips

Being a hot tub owner, you must know that it isn’t all about reading, drinking and relaxing in your hot tub. You should take care of it as well! That means, cleaning it, testing it, adding chemicals, and making certain it is safe for the users.

Listed here in this post are 7 awesome outdoor hot tub maintenance tips that you may want to execute to make sure your hot tub performs in its full potency for several years.

outdoor hot tub

Use pantyhose on the refills of your hot tub:

When it’s much needed to drain & fill again a hot tub, cover up the lower return inlets with nylons to seize the re-circulating trash and stop it from coming back into the filtration system.

Use bleach & water to clean the cover of your outdoor hot tub:

Covers of outdoor hot tubs are infamous for producing a mildew or musty stink after some time. That is why it is essential to keep them clean & free from these stinking odors.

Prepare a combination of bleach (10 percent) and water (90 percent) to wipe out the base of the hot tub cover every 50-60 days. This’ll certainly help prevent hot tub covers from producing that stale odor that everybody dislikes.

Make use of an enzyme product:

To maintain your hot tub, it’s pretty helpful to make use of a spa enzyme product on a frequent basis. Enzyme products help in breaking down fatty lipids and also help the cleaning chemicals work better. Also, enzymes are ideal for keeping the filter clean & preventing the obnoxious “scummy line” that can build up around the top.

Don’t use household chemicals while cleaning your hot tub:

Stay away from household chemicals while cleaning your hot tub shell – rather you should employ a chemical that’s specifically made for hot tubs. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better!

Make the most of off-peak heating:

You can take advantage of off-peak heating to decrease your power consumption/heating bills. If you aren’t sure about your off-peak hours, check out with your utility supplier to find the details. If you have a well insulated hot tub, you generally can program it to heat mainly when you power costs are the lowest.

Use white vinegar for cleaning the jets:

Make use of white vinegar for cleaning the jets and valves if they experience excess accumulation of calcium. 

Add spa chemicals with caution:

Incorporating spa chemicals into a small water body can be very challenging since adding in excess amount can prompt major changes in chemistry. It is essential to precisely gauge any chemical required based on the gallons of water in the tub to avoid equipment or skin damage.

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