Published on 09/10/2018 6:05 am
Know The Advantages of Cedar Wood Hot Tubs over The Redwood Hot Tubs

Redwood hot tubs were initially the most favored choice for hot tub users especially in the California.  However the 2000 year old redwood plants have started to disappear due to growing demand. Efforts are now made to harvest and protect the large & magnificent redwood trees which were once seen in the west coast rain forests of the nation.  Redwood Hot Tubs are still available, but in limited numbers that are normally made from small sized farmed varieties.

The artificially grown or cultured Red Woods are not as efficient as their giant parental species.  The magnificent and giant redwood trees were once perfect for construction of hot tubs.  They can resist decay and rot due to a very small and firm ring pattern.   However, the smaller harvested redwood trees lack these properties and are proven to be less efficient in the long run. With large ring structure, they are more likely to decay fast. The hot tub industry has therefore switched to other alternative material for giving users a first rate hot bath experience.

Western Red Cedar wood is widely used by hot tub manufacturers for its superior qualities. It has been in application for centuries and offers many advantages over the farmed redwood hot tubs that are small in size and more vulnerable to decay due to loose and large ring pattern. The most prominent advantages of choosing Western Cedar Hot Tubs can be experienced in the following areas:

Style and Pattern

A cedar hot tub makes a beautiful thing for your lifestyle. The attractive shape and the appealing brown or red color of the wooden tub are not just eye pleasing but also add to the beauty of your home or yard. If investing in natural wooden materials looks essential to you, then cedar wood hot tubs are certainly preferable to the farmed redwood hot tubs. 


The cedar wood hot tubs are often chosen for two key reasons: they keep well in water, and last longer. The strength and durability of western red cedar are appreciable, that is why is used in all types of furniture and hot tubs.

Aromatic Fragrance

Since the hot tub bath experience should be appealing to the senses of users, cedar hot tubs offer another crucial advantage over the redwood hot tubs.  They give off a pleasant, aromatic fragrance due to natural oil contents when wet or hot. This pleasant scent appeals to most of the hot tub owners.

Low Cost

Since the demand increased and supply reduced, redwood hot tubs have become very costly.  Many of the redwood hot tub manufactures were seeking for an affordable wooden alternative to meet the demand in the market.  The consistent supply of eco sustainable Cedar wood from the Canadian forests has ensured them a competitive option in cedar hot tubs that are as effective as redwood hot tubs.

Expanding Property

The Western cedar wood expands when it is wet and don’t contract when it is dry, keeping all the seals intact and the hot tub full of water. In addition to its durability, this unique property has made the cedar hot tubs the most used items in the hot tub sector.

Even if attempts are made to manufacture redwood hot tubs from smaller harvested varieties, but the wood quality and function could not match with that of cedar wood.   Northern Lights Cedar Tubs has around 20 years of experience in making both red cedar and redwood hot tubs. For the last decade it was fully into western red cedar hot tub manufacturing business that has become its core expertise in Hut Tub Manufacturing and Installations. If you getting more affordable alternatives to redwood hot tubs click here.

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