Published on 11/04/2017 7:14 am
Tips to Buy the Best of Portable Round Hot Tubs

If you are planning to bring a hot tub in your family world for the first time, then we wish you must know in and out of it! It is a valuable investment for many years of soaking experience and enjoyment but it requires some preparation as well. One of the most confusing points you’ll feel stuck with is which kind of hot tub to purchase for. There are a great number of hot tubs and all of them are available in different shapes, sizes, and configurations. However, a portable round hot tub will more often be a good choice if you are a first-timer. It is among the least costly varieties and the simplest one to install and use. The portable round hot tubs have a few more advantageous features that you will get to experience as you bring them to your home and start to use them in your leisure time.


The round portable hot tubs are round in shape and designed to look aesthetic in different settings, from your yard or patio to an indoor area. They can be fitted into the ground or on a deck. Due to in-built plumbing connection and heater, they don’t take up any separate place in your backyard.

Round Hot Tubs

Comfortable Seating & Hydrotherapy Use- 

Round portable hot tubs accommodate people of different size and height, providing them perfect relaxation with comfortable seating. They can even be used for hydrotherapy treatment with jets positioned at specific places.

Quick & Easy Maintenance- 

Due to the advanced water care and draining methods, maintaining portable hot water tubs is becoming quick and easy. Covers are often included in them to help keep the water clean and clear. Their quality components also have longer warranties than many other kinds of hot tubs.

Tips to Buy the Best of Portable Round Hot Tubs-

Portable round hot tubs come in different designs and price ranges. So how could you pick up the best one for you?  There are some critical factors that help you find the best choice for your soaking needs.

  1. Beautiful Design

Beautiful design is a key aspect to consider while looking purchasing a portable round hot tub. Will it look attractive in your landscape or backyard? The round hot tub has now become more than a place for relaxation and healing. So aesthetics look and features are what you often need to consider enjoying its value in coming years.

Round Hot Tubs

  1. Weight

The portable round hot tubs become too heavy together with people and water. The big ones may weigh around 5,000 lbs. when filled with water. You may require a special area in your home to set it up and even incur additional cost to prepare a special foundation for it.

  1. Warranty Offer

In spite of being built with high-quality components, the portable round hot tubs are likely to show problems from time to time. So, ask the hot tub dealer about superior brands that offer longer and more attractive warranties on its parts in the market.

  1. Electrical Outlets

Most of the round hot tub motors need a heavier 220-volt electrical outlet which is different than general household 110 volts electrical outlets. And you will have to think of installing it if it is not already there in your house.

  1. Operating Costs (Energy & Maintenance Costs)

Modern round hot tubs are mostly energy efficient but still, it is good to inquire the local spa technician about what it may cost you in extra operating costs. Based on customer feedback and their own experience, they may be able to guide you properly. Also, ask them about the monthly maintenance costs you will have to pay to keep the round tub clean and functional.

Conclusion – 

All the above tips will help you pick up the best among portable round hot tubs. Do you need access to a wide range of easy to install and use portable round hot tubs and purchase one that would have an aesthetic appeal and would be a great place for relaxation or social enjoyment? Cedar Tubs offers wide varieties of round hot tubs in a portable style which will be an added advantage for you and your family. Contact Cedar Tubs to find out the best options in portable round hot tubs now!

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