Published on 07/05/2018 1:39 pm
Know About Ultimate Benefits of Ofuro Tubs

Ofuro Tubs – Japanese Style Small Bath Tubs

People have always preferred to include bathtubs in their daily lives to relax and soothe, but more the benefits of Ofuro tubs are coming to light homeowners have started to think about adding in this holistic Japanese bath ritual in every possible way. With a wide range of styles and materials to select from and the options of custom fitting a tub to any bathroom layout, Ofuro tubs are becoming an ideal choice for everyone.

An Ofuro tub is not all about a relaxing bath. Keeping up with the age old tradition, these Japanese style tubs are designed to use after you’ve taken a shower – no use of shampoos or soaps in an ofuro tub. Instead, you can put natural oils or mineral salts in this tub to enjoy a natural deep soak and be in a contemplative mood.

Ofuro Tubs

The Ofuro tubs are found to be twice as deep as standard European or North American tubs, allowing you to immerse in up to your chin for enjoying a thorough soak in the soothing warm water. They are designed with no overflow tap but with a drainage system working underneath. These exclusive design features lead to a comprehensive soaking experience, helping you to properly relax and enjoy the multiple benefits ofuro tubs have to offer.

Although the real Japanese style Ofuro tubs were made with cypress wood, the modern age Ofuro hot tubs are offered in Western Red Cedar, for giving users a relaxing and holistic experience in the tub. This kind of Ofuro tub is found to be naturally resilient and decay resistant along with a sweet aromatic smell. 

Ofuro Tubs

Ultimate Benefits of Using Ofuro Tubs

Ofuro tubs offer many invaluable benefits that add to their effectiveness as a bathtub option. These benefits can be enjoyed by the user in a half an hour to an hour long soak taken every day, following a regular shower. This traditional Japanese style small tub not just ensures body cleansing but also maintaining health with a private and peaceful soak.

With the antibacterial feel and aromatic scent of the red cedar wood, an Ofuro tub adds value to the bath experience of the user. Enjoying a soak in contemplative mood will help balance your mental and physical wellness, making refreshment a quick realization after an exhaustive day. This can help reduce fatigue, relieve stress, and clear the mind.

The soothing hotness from the tub in combination with the deep immersion encourages blood circulation, contributes to a healthy immune system and keeps your body protected from influenza and colds. Sore, stiffened muscles will feel better with an Ofuro tub soak as well, since the emitting heat can deeply penetrate to relax the aching body. These benefits are likely to continue with consistent, extended use. The Ofuro tubs are a perfect asset for a healthy lifestyle.

Ofuro Tubs

Ofuro tubs are a lot easier to care and maintain. Since they are filled and drained out with every use, there’s hardly any requirement of chemicals to balance water’s pH and keeping it clean. Rather, you can fill the tub whenever you like to, enjoy a deep soak, and drain it out when you’re finished with. Since there will be no use of shampoos or soaps in the Ofuro tub, you won’t face any issue of tub buildup or residue.

The multiple benefits of Ofuro tubs convince every homeowner to add them in his or her home.  “Northern Lights Cedar Tubs” manufactures Ofuro tubs in round and oval shape for the pleasure feel of full body soak with two main stream heating option. It is ready to deliver an Ofuro tub suiting your individual needs, so you can enjoy the visual surroundings while taking a pure ritualistic bath. From ready-made to custom built designs, Northern Lights Cedar Tubs has Ofuro tubs for all. For ordering your favorite one, consider calling Cedar Tubs at 1-800-759-8990.

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